Why did you create BrickCoin?

Because we want to use it ourselves. We want to be able to keep our hard earned money in an asset that provides us income, is not affected by inflation, will resist economic cycles and it’s mortgage free. We created BRICKCOIN around Commercial Real estate that has been growing and producing income for at least 15 years. So we know our money is secure.

Why did you create BrickCoin?

The main reason is that regulation was not there. BrickCoin team had to wait until the governments of the world agreed to make crypto a valid security. Without this, real estate and crypto cannot happen. It would not be secure for the customer and there would be no protection. BrickCoin is safe because it aims to be a regulated token in a traditional regulated environment where real estate and crypto can be unified in a legal and safe way.

What am I investing in?

At this moment, the PRESALE if for BRICKCOIN FUEL™.

BRICKCOIN FUEL™ is a Branded OpenGoods Token.

Its function is the distribution of dividends from every BRICKCOIN™ sale, purchase, redeem and debit card transaction.

As a token holder, you will receive daily payouts in ETH for every BRICKCOIN transaction that occurs in the network according to the percentage of BRICKCOIN FUEL™ tokens you own.

What is the Difference between the tokens?

BRICKCOIN™ (TOKEN SYMBOL: BKT) Is the Real Estate Backed Crypto. It is a security and aims to be fully KYC, AML, GDPR compliant. BRICKCOIN™ token holders own a share of a Real Estate Fund and earn the dividends of the funds. Just like holding a sq.meter of real estate and getting earnings for it. (NOT YET FOR SALE)

BRICKCOIN FUEL™ is an ECR-20 compatible token. Its holders receive revenue from every BRICKCOIN transaction in ETH.

Revenue is divided in the following way: 50% for BRICKCOIN FUEL company (For network support and maintenance) and 50% to the token holders. Payouts are daily from BRICKCOIN launch in 3Q 2018.


NO. BRICKCOIN FUEL™ is only an income distributor of transaction earnings. BRICKCOIN is the asset-backed crypto.

Where are you based?

BRICKCOIN FUEL™ is based in Bulgaria where there is no regulation around token issuance, distribution of dividends or securies regulation around crypto.

How many BRICKCOIN FUEL™ tokens exist.

There are 1billion BRICKCOIN FUEL™ tokens, the ITO is fixed and no more can be created.

When and How can I sell my BRICKCOIN FUEL™ tokens?

You can buy them now inquiring for the PreSale and get a 20% bonus.

You can start trading BRICKCOIN FUEL™ tokens starting from July in crypto exchanges.

Can I use my Ether wallet to buy and sell BRICKCOIN FUEL™? 

YES. BRICKCOIN FUEL™ is an ECR-20 compatible token.  You can use your current wallet to hold BRICKCOIN FUEL™ as well as revenue from the network.

Who is eligible to buy tokens?

Everyone can buy BRICKCOIN FUEL™ and will trade in crypto exchanges.

BRICKCOIN™ is different and is a security. Because of this, it is fully KYC, AML compliant. Customers interested in purchasing BRICKCOIN tokens will have to go through these checks.

Why should I buy Now? Why not Wait for ICO?

Pricing is expected to be at least 25% more expensive at ICO. Something that is already a good margin for any investor. Aditional to this, PRE-ICO investors will get a bonus, depending on how long to ICO the purchase is done. So we recomend getting in fast.


How is BrickCoin Portfolio

BrickCoin REITs portfolio includes funds in Europe and the US. Each BrickCoin series is fixed in a portfolio and cannot be changed.

BRICKCOIN initial token series will be a mortgage-free, leverage free commercial real estate portfolio with earnings of 4/7% and capital appreciation of 4/5%.

We only select properties that have had a considerable and sustained appreciation and rental for the last 15 years. So it is safe.




Pre-Sale includes a 20% Bonus over ICO Price. Dismiss